Walk around the outside of your home. Look for clogged rain spouts, clogged rain gutters and any areas where water can pool. 

Do everything you can to stop the water. Turn off water to the home. If water is spreading, try using towels to make dams. If carpet is wet, move the furniture to dry areas, pull up curtains that hit the carpet. If you have a shop vac, use it to suck up water. 

"Where Your EMERGENCY is our PRIORITY" is not just a tag line for STAT Services, its our ambition".

                                                  -Scott Thompson, President

STAT Services After Hours Services

Every 6 months when you change the batteries in your smoke and Co2 alarms you should take the extra time to inspect for water damage. Open up the cabinets below sinks, is there a musty smell? Is there any visible signs of water pooling or water stains? If so , call out STAT for a FREE inspection.

                           Our policy is to keep the emergency cost down! During an after hours service we complete the minimum amount of removals needed to make the home safe and mitigate damages. We will set drying equipment to begin the dry out process. This procedure allows us time to provide our client with a full scope of work and associated cost so that they can make an informed decision while dry out is already started. We will return during normal working hours to complete the remaining work needed. 

What To Do When A Rain Storm Is On The Way

Mold growth can begin to grow in as little as 24-48 hours. Starting the dry out process as quickly as possible can help reduce the likely hood of growth and decrease the potential cost. To help alleviate after hours emergency cost STAT Services follows a simple yet effect procedure. Read more about this procedure below. 

​Water Damage Restoration Services

Emergency Flooding, Extraction, Dry out Services

Prevent The Need for Water Damage Restoration Service

What To Do While You Wait For Help With Water Damage

How To Reduce Damages