Wood Floor Drying System

"Thermal imaging shows you the difference in temperature, not moisture".

                                            -Scott Thompson, President

Hardwood floors can be dried in place. ​Using a hardwood floor drying system we can remove the moisture trapped under the flooring without removal of the flooring.

E-TES - Electronic Thermal Exchanger System

Thermal imaging cameras are a great tool for our technicians. The camera shows us the different temperatures, not moisture content. A wet section of a wall, floor or ceiling will appear to be colder then the dry areas and appear dark in the camera. This tool allows the technicians to quickly scan high ceilings and hard to reach places making the technicians jobs more efficient.

The E-TES system uses a standard air mover "fan" to send heated air into a space. In the photo, the hot air is being forced under containment plastic to dry the sub-floor.


Thermal Imaging - Wood Floor Drying - Electonic  Thermal Exchanger System