STAT Services has been providing mold remediation services since 1996 giving us years of experience and knowledge.  STAT follows the guidelines set forth by the most recognized organization in our industry, The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for water damage and mold remediation. 

Mold related damage to residential and commercial property is well documented in the media. As a result, many people have unrealistic fears regarding indoor mold problems and how to deal with them correctly. STAT Services understands these fears and continually takes the extra time to make sure our clients understand the work that we are doing and that the remediation is being performed properly.  When you call STAT Services you can expect to speak with a certified specialist that can answer your questions and put your fears to rest. 

We take pride in every job that we do. We set containment areas when needed

and leave our clients homes as clean as possible each day that we perform


"Who does the air testing?"

The answer is: No

When you have visual confirmation of mold growth present,  testing for mold does not need to be done. The procedures for mold remediation are EXACTLY the same no matter what kind of mold is present. 

​​STAT Services works closely with Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) to provide our customers with post remediation air clearance testing. Learn about the difference between a Certified and a non-certified hygienist by visiting the American Board of Industrial Hygienist . 

After remediation work is complete a CIH can be called in for post remediation testing. They will inspect the work completed, verify the moisture content of materials and take samples of the air to ensure that the remediation work was completed correctly.

Air Testing Guarantee

FAQ about

Air Testing

Currently the State of California does not have any laws requiring air or sample testing before, during or after a dry out is complete. STAT Services will call for testing when more than 30 sq ft of material is affected. We may also call for testing when an occupant has a compromised immune system.

"Is air testing required after remediation is completed?"

"Are you going to test for mold before you get started?" 

"Black mold on walls is not an exact science, it is a process that requires years of on the job training in conjunction with text book education"

                                                   -Scott Thompson, President

STAT guarantees we will pass an air test by a third party

industrial hygienist or we will pay for any additional remediation work and cost of second testing.*

Mold Remediation 

Mold Abatement or Black Mold Removal Services

*Guarantee is only vaid if; Air test is done when STAT calls for testing, the reason air test fails is direcly related to the work performed by STAT, an unknown source of contamination is not reported.