STAT Services works closely with our trusted vendors to perform services in relation to water or mold remediation in order to provide our clients with a full service restoration. 

STAT works with certified industrial hygieniest (CIH) to perform post remediation air testing, consultation services, asbestos testing and bacteria testing. Read more about FAQ for air testing on our mold remediation page

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Additional Services

Air Testing & Rebuild Construction

STAT technicians have years of experience with removing cabinet boxes while "propping" the countertop in place and saving it. After the dry out or remediation is complete, we then have a general contractor rebuild the cabinets using the face frames, drawers, doors and hardware to make it look brand new again. 

​​"I have worked with many great contractors and vendors over the years and I am confident in the quality of work completed by those I refer ". 

                                           -Scott Thompson President

When home owners are concerned that their air ducts have been affected we hire air duct cleaning specialist to inspect and when needed clean the ducts and the forced air unit (furnace). 

General Contracting

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Drywall removal is very common for water and mold remediation. STAT can hire a drywall specialist to patch the drywall, apply texture and paint whenever our clients need.